Huntington Preview

The Huntington franchise has spent the majority of the last 29 seasons in the gutter. When I took over the reigns to start in season 28 the franchise had very little to attract a good owner. I took it as a challenge to prove to myself that I can win with any team.

It was quite a task and worse then I initially thought. Coming into it I thought hey a team with Mel Darr, Maicer Calles and Stu Burke cant be to hard to win with. Then I found out Darr was not resigned. SO I had my work cut out for me. Well I used smoke and mirrors and somehow made the playoffs and almost pulled off the huge upset to make the LCS.

Now its season 29. The team is still not as good as I want but in far better shape ( no more bad contracts). I have no one young or great to work with but I have some decent pieces and should be on pace for the same type of season as last season. This franchise will hopefully no longer be thought of as an easy win at least as long as im at the helm. I would expect another 90 win season and with some luck a playoff appearance.

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