Kansas City Season 29 Preview

Season 28 : 92 – 70 record, 1st in the AL West
Lost to the WS winner, the Nashville Catfish 0 – 3 in Divisional Play In Series

IN : Harvey Davidson (2B); Jin Hyun (C); Bill Thomas (CF); Elroy Parker (SS); Odalis Zurbaran (DH/C); Gerardo Rosado (RP - acquired end of season 28) and Tim Newfield (RP - acquired end of season 28).

OUT : Stretch Fogg (RF); Walt Reid (LF); Vicente Perez (DH); Clark Malloy (CF); Benny Barker (MIF); Macbeth Pierce (RP) and Eddie Walsh (SP/RP).

The Royals reached the playoffs for the first time since Season 8 ! This year, the team expects tougher competition from the Rodeo Clowns and the Olmecs, both teams improving with key additions. The Halos won’t be an easy challenge either.

The starting pitching rotation should again be solid with :
Julian Guardado, Cy Young candidate and 18 game winner anchoring;
Harry McEnerney, could be # 1 on some teams;
Ozzie Tamura, 15 game winner on his first full ML season;
Clay Borbon, back from season ending surgery with future ace potential;
Clarence Glanville, one of the best 5th starter in the league.

The bullpen is lead by Cesar Beltre with 35 saves on a so-so year. It is believed that the acquisitions of Gerardo Rosado and Tim Newfield are a step in the right direction. We expect better results from the group.

The acquisition of high price FA Harvey Davidson alone is an improvement of the offense side. He’ll join Bill Adams; Ryan Wright and Christobal Baez to form a difficult line-up to face. The team fells that it can obtain 20 HR from FA Jin Hyun also. Odalis Zurbaran will start the year with the Royals, and is expected to contribute.

Davidson will be moved from SS to 2B, and with the addition of Bill Thomas and Elroy Parker, trigger a domino effect that will transform the team from an average fielding team to an above average one.

The team’s objective is not only to make the playoffs, but go deeper in them. But it won’t be easy, the AL West looks to be one of the tougher divisions in the Yaz world.

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